D.S Johnson Chang

D.S Johnson Chang

Chief president at YAyo aesthetic

Title: Autogenous Adipose Tissue with ADSC for Mammaplasty and renovation


D S Johnson Chang has 26 years of experience in auto-genus adipose tissue transplantation. He had done his plastic surgery training course for 8 years in University Hospital after graduation at Medical School in Taiwan. And have done his PhD degree of stem cell treatment in PU on 2003.


Mammaplasty And Renovation •MLA Method: Peristeun, Muscular, Upper-Mammary Gland, Lower Mammary Gland, Subcutaneous. •Renovation of Mammoplasty with Implant : Subcutaneous , Upper Mammary Gland Type Of Renovation : A. Dissimilar B. Visible or Touchable of Implant C. Post Removed Implant D. Double Augmentation Conclusion : •Autogenous Adipose Tissue is not only for breast size improved also is best method to renovation breast shape , just like to adjust size dissimilar , level dissimilar, shape dissimilar •The compose Implant mammoplasty and Autogenous Adipose can enhance breast coordinating and sense of beauty •The Implant Mammaplasty complication with unsmooth or shadow of implant that can use Autogenous Adipose Tissue be adjustment filler •Autogeus Adipose Tissue is filler and also permanent filler •Autogenous Adipose Augmentation survivor rate is 15 % . But Autogenous Adipose + ADSC Augmentation survivor rate 60 % to 80 %