I am a faculty in the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Pondicherry University since July 1987. I did Ph.D at Annamalai University in March 1994. I have published 15 research scientific articles in National / International Journals/ Proceedings. My specialization is agro-ecosystems, medicinal plants, soil ecology and distribution pattern and Diversity of medicinal plants. I am a Co-Investigator in the U G C major research project. I am an Editorial Board member in the Asian Journal of Environmental Sciences


Phenological observations were taken for 20 woody species for three years in the four tropical dry evergreen forests namely Kothattai, Sendhirakillai, Palvathunnan and Vada Agaram on the coromandel (east) coast of peninsular India. In total four forest sites were selected, of which Vada Agaram was located 28 km north of Pondicherry (11°56′ N and 79°53′ E) town, and three other sites are around Cuddalore (11°43′ N and 79°49′ E). The sample size ranged between 5 to 10 individuals per species and 20 species with 251 individuals. The flowering and fruiting pattern was almost similar during the study period. During the study period, the flowering and fruiting phenology has two peaks, one major peak was observed during the dry month (Feb to Apr) and another small peak was observed in the monsoon (Aug to Oct). In tree individuals it was found that 78 % flowering and 67 % fruiting was recorded in 2011 followed by 76 % flowering and 62 % fruiting was in 2010 and 74 % flowering and 64% fruiting was recorded in 2009. There is no much annual variation in flowering and fruiting phenology of tropical dry evergreen forest. Out of 20 species 4 species were found to produce flowers and fruit twice in a year remaining all the species produce flowers and fruit only once in a year. Flowering and fruiting phenology of TDEF clearly shows the seasonality pattern.