Dan Housman

Dan Housman

Recombinant By Deloitte, USA

Title: Centering on the patient using health system real world evidence


Dan Housman is the CTO of Recombinant by Deloitte, a software organization focused on secondary uses of clinical data for translational medicine. Dan earned a dual MS from MIT in Biology and Chemistry. He led numerous data warehouse initiatives at US AMCs, cancer centers, and life sciences companies. He is a strong advocate in open source and open data who helped distribute the i2b2 software at multiple sites and led development of the tranSMART knowledge base tools. He is engaged in multiple insights as a service projects from health system data and creation of prescriptive analytics for value based care.


Health systems like the Moffi tt Cancer Center, Veteran’s Health Administration, and Children’s Hospital Boston are leading scalable national protocols such as Total Cancer Care, the Million Veterans Project, and Th e Gene Partnership to build multisite infrastructure for phenotype, sample, and genomic knowledge bases to support gene based trial matching and biomarker discovery. Increased investment into EHR implementations, open government data sets such as TCGA, and better tools for managing historical pre-clinical data and clinical trial data are increasing available sources for strategic planning of clinical trials. Life sciences companies and academic medical centers are pushing towards the goal to achieve patient centered strategies for new therapy development. But integrating the disparate information eff ectively is proving a bottleneck and leveraging available real world data from EHRs for making decisions on how to translate pre-clinical evidence is still a new enterprise. Open source tools such as i2b2, OMOP, and tranSMART are being used to help collaborations along with advanced proprietary visualization tools and licensed data sets. Th is presentation will review current initiatives, strategies, and data management architectures in life sciences companies from Recombinant by Deloitte and the primary translational medicine opportunities for stakeholders emerging as a result of new tools and data.

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