Dave Ray

Dave Ray

Herbal Hair Rx.

Title: Hair & scalp disorders: The nutrition analysis


Dave Ray, The Beauty Surgeon is an International award-winning educator and platform artist. He has 34 years in the industry and has won almost every nationally recognized beauty award. Dave is a Master Colorist/PhD-Trichologist practicing the same since 1988. Trichology Class - Dave Ray Beauty Surgeon 1. The Science of Hair& Scalp 2. What DHT? 3. Texture vs Density vs Type 4. Scalp Disorders/ Hair Thinning 5. Physical vs Chemical 6. Hair& Nutrition 7. Pattern Baldness


When it comes to healthy hair, its ’not just what you put on your tresses that count ; it ’s what you put in your body, too. Be empowered on the chemistry for the cosmetologist. This will aid in more advanced “hair & scalp analysis ”and “client consultation ”. This will be a healthy hair discussion.

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