David Guangyi Wang

David Guangyi Wang

Tianjin University Center for Marine Environmental Ecology, China

Title: Ecological functions of Thraustochytrids in the ocean carbon cycling


David Guangyi Wang has completed his PhD in 2000 from University of California at Davis and postdoctoral studies from University of California at Berkeley. He is Professor and the Founding Director of Tianjin University of Marine Environmental Ecology. He has published more than 40 papers in referred journals.


Thraustochydrids have been known for their ubiquitous distribution in the ocean. Results of several studies indicated that their abundance can exceed that of bacterioplankton in the oceanic waters. This talk will focus on the results of our recent studies on the diversity and abundance of thraustochytrids in the Pacific Ocean and the coastal waters of China. Our results indicate that the abundance of thraustochytrids indeed exceed that of bacterioplankton, but with low diversity, during fall season in both of oceanic and coastal waters. Their abundance was related to the maximuprimary production. However, they behave differently in their abundance and spatial distribution in the oceanic and coastal waters. Thraustochytrids may play a significant role in the ocean carbon cycling. The true diversity of thraustochytrids remains to be discovered.

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