Deborah Matteliano is a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Pain Management Specialist. She first worked in pain management as an Adult Nurse Practitioner treating co existing substance use disorders. She developed a customized treatment program for rehabilitation of persons with coexisting disorders. She received post graduate education at the University at Buffalo as a Family Nurse Practitioner, and a PhD in Nursing. Her expertise is in managing patients with chronic pain using a holistic approach to minimize risk of substance use disorders. She speaks nationally to clinicians and has served on national expert panels on mitigating risk of addictions when prescribing opioids. She has six recent publications on adherence monitoring to minimize addictions. She has a clinical pain practice in urban Buffalo, NY and is Adjunct Professor at the University at Buffalo, NY.


Adherence monitoring for prescription of opioid use is a clinical imperative for persons prescribed with opioids for chronic pain. This presentation provides an overview of the clinical application of universal precautions to reduce risk as advocated by Gourlay Heit and Almahrezi, (2005)with guidelines promoted through the American Pain Society.Clinical application of adherence monitoring as thetouchstone for recognizing increased risk will be discussed with a special emphasis on management of persons with coexisting substance use disorders. The urinedrug test in the context of key clinical indicators will be elaboratedon, recognizing the complexities of providing a compassionate, patientcentered approach. A structured adherence monitoring scheme for minimizing risk throughout the continuum of care will be presented.

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