Dr. Deepak Sharma has completed his BHMS from Agra University. He is alecturer of community medicine at Naiminath Homeopathic Medical College, Agra (India). He is the Founder director of Orbit Clinics a global network of homeopathic clinics, Vice Chairmen of World Homeopathic Awareness Organization (WHAO), National admin of Homeopathic World Community (USA), Co-host of “Health Inn” an online show on HWC and Joint Secretary of Delhi Homeopathic Medical Association. He has published more than 20 papers in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member of DREAMS an online homeopathic journal.


The aim of this study is to show the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in PCOS which is remaining untreated by conventional medicine. A clinical study was carried out from 2011 to March 2014 on 132 cases of PCOS with age group from 14 to 35 years from different cities of India. Study shows 91(68.9%) cases were successfully treated 23 (17.4%) cases are under observation with improvement, 14 (10.6%)cases were not supportive due to a hurry or impatience to get pregnantand 04 (3.1%) cases were very difficult to treat. In these cases we referred to higher centers due to congenital abnormality or complete absence ofhormones. Commonly used homeopathic medicines are Apis mellifica, Aurum muraticum natronatum, Bryonia alba, Calcarea carbonica, Lac caninum, Lachesis, Natrum muraticum, Oophorinum, Sepia officinalis and Sulphur. The potencies were used from 30C to 1000C in single doses depending on the condition of the patient. During this study we found a very significant symptom of dreams of snakes, which isalso increasing day by day and Homeopathy is the only science that can treat these types of symptoms. This proved that Homeopathy is the only science which can treat the illness with mental symptoms of the patient. Today, the world is still pondering over the cure for PCOS because it is increasing day by day and is the major cause of infertility. The cases show us the significance and success of Homeopathic treatment for PCOS.