Dewi Hestyawati . SH

Dewi Hestyawati . SH

Practitioner, Indonesia

Title: The Benefit of Hijamah to remove the negative effects of the vaccine


Dewi Hestyawati. SH. Hajjam , in 1966 she was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Graduated from Tarumanagara University faculty of Law in 1990. Graduated from AthThibb An NabawyAssabil Holy Holistic , Jakarta in 2005 and AthThibb An NabawySijilHerbalist, Malaysia in 2009. Therapist, trainer, social activist, President of PondokSehatAnNabawiyah, and active member with Cupping Therapist Associations, Indonesia. She was also active and join in many courses and seminar of traditional medicine, experienced as a cupping therapist for more than 10 years and a member of many reputed committees and associations. She also the author of best-selling book " vaccination, impact, conspiracy and Rasulullah's healthy solution method.


Vaccination is now a global health programs for babies, children, teenagers and even adults. There are many negative effects, such as fever convulsions, paralysis autistic, hyperactive, learning difficulties, speech and other difficulties. Humans are exposed to the vaccine, there are heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, animal cells are also genetically engineered pigs are unclean in the body. Especially those are obtained from vaccines injections. Heavy metals contained in the vaccine continues to spin in the body by attaching to the blood granules, at a time it will stop then attached to the organ and damage it. Viruses and bacteria can grow more and more, heavy metals and engineering unclean animal cells are present in the body, will continue to move and disrupt the body's mechanisms Genetically engineered cells will affect human's behavior to become like a nature of beast, like a grumpy, hard to obey parents, and other negative behavior. Heavy metals affect the health and balance of the body. To make the illicit substances those are toxic out of the body by doing hijamah (blood cupping). 'Hijama' is the Arabic for an ancient method of healing known in English as Wet Cupping or bloodletting. It is a therapeutic process that involves creating negative pressure against the skin by means of vacuum (induced manually, electrically) using any of the various vessels such as horns, glass jars, bamboo cups or more recently disposable plastic cups. It then involves superficial scratches on the skin to help release pathogens, toxins and the 'excess', rendering this therapy the best and fastest detox known to man! It is also a very effective therapy in promoting blood circulation, boosting immunity, rebalancing body hormones and energy, making it the best therapy for general health and well-being for those individuals who wish to have Hijamah performed as a preventive measure but also as a treatment and cure for tens of ailments from body aches and pains. Blood Cupping is able to clean the blood, help remove toxic substances and unlawful. Mechanism makes the body back nature. Cupping is the best example of the Apostles, to get to the recovery, already very much in evidence Cupping able to save human vaccine injury is back nature. Healthy intelligent and obedient to their parents, the diet records back to nature, back to the SunnahRasul Allah, halalanthoyyiban.