Diadelis Remirez Figueredo

Diadelis Remirez Figueredo

National Centre for State Quality Control of Drugs and Medical Devices, Cuba

Title: Interactions between herbal remedies and medicinal drugs; Considerations about Cuba


Dr. D. Figueredo received her B.A. degree (1995, Biochemistry) from Faculty of Biology, Havana University, Cuba, and both her MSc (1995, Biomedicine) and PhD (1999 Pharmaceutical Sciences) degree from National Center for Scientific Research in Havana, and most of the results were done in the Department of Toxicology at the Free University in Amsterdam. Postdoctoral training in Molecular Toxicology and pharmacology was completed at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Remirez spent 12 years working at the National Center for Scientific Research in the Pharmacology department. From 2002 at present, She has been working at the National Centre for State Quality of Drugs and Medical Devices, She has acted as referee for PhD thesis and She is an Adjunct member of Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD thesis Jury. She has been referee of scientific journals related with natural products. Other previous academic appointments include lecturer in different international meeting. She has been the recipient of National Award of Pharmacology twice from the Cuban Pharmacology Society. In recent years she has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Centre that she works. She worked as Expert for the evaluation of preclinical platform in South Africa. Council for Scientific Industrial Research, (CSIR). She is currently the Vice president of Cuban Pharmacology Society. She has been involved in the reorganization of Latin American Society and in the organization of different international and local Congress. Dr. Remirez research interests have included in vitro and in vivo evaluation of hepatoprotective, antiinflamatory and antioxidant effects of Cuban synthetic and natural compounds. Investigation of the molecular cytotoxic mechanism involved in drug toxicity. At present in the Regulatory Agency, she is one of the reviewers for authorization of clinical trials, and the evaluation of safety and efficacy of drugs for registering. Besides that, she is the project leader for Pharmacogenetic guideline. Dr. Remirez research is described in over 30 published research reports.


The use of herbal products to treat a wide range of conditions is rising rapidly, leading to increased intake of phytochemicals. This is one of the main reasons for reinforcing the surveillance of the safety, efficacy and quality control of traditional and complementary medicine. Recent studies have revealed some interactions between herbal remedies and traditional drugs. Herbal preparations can interact with a drug at pharmacokinetic and pharmacodinamic level. Cuba has a Centre in charge of Pharmacovigilance of Drugs. This Center offers the data about the adverse effects of conventional and traditional medicine. In this work we show the theoretical and real interaction between herbal products and conventional medicine and we present the reports about side effects of traditional medicine and main interactions between herbal medicines and conventional drugs in Cuba. Herbal products are currently not subject to the rigorous testing indispensable for conventional drugs. However, if potential drug interactions are to be predicted, it is essential that the ability of herbal products to interfere with drug-metabolizing enzyme systems is fully established.

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