Donatien Mavoungou

Donatien Mavoungou

Centre sur les Pathologies Hormonales(CRPH), Gabon

Title: Immunorextm involvement in vaccine approach against HIV-1 tat


Donatien Mavoungou is the Director of the Research Center on Hormonal Pathologies (CRPH) Gabon. He is the Invited Member at McGill University Aids Center (Montreal) and at Genomic Chair of Canada. He authored more than 150 publications. He discovered IMMUNOREX TM DM28 inhibiting HIV-1 replication. He is Professor of Biochemistry and Endocrinology at the University of Health Science Libreville, Gabon. Field: HIV, Metabolic disorders, HAART, Hormonal Therapy. He received the Prize of the National Center for Scientific Research in 2009 and 2012. (Gabon). He is the Blue Ribbon Presenter, recipient of the Glaxo Smith Klein Award at ISHIB, Orlando (USA, 2007). He is the Member of WABT Academy.


"ImmunorexTM as a DHEA analog is a fusion inhibitor between healthy and infected cells by HIV-1, by targeting the trimolecular complex (gp120 – CD4- CCR5), able to augment immune responses in immunodeficient subjects; in that way it can inhibit phospholipase A2, reverse transcriptase, integrate and protease activities and restore TH1 and TH2 cytokines imbalance; consequently the new anti HIV-1 drug is able to treat and to prevent co-infections, cardiovascular diseases, dementia and malignancies induced and enhanced by HIV-1 Tat; it also can prevent HIV-1 mutation leading to drug resistances and vaccine failure. In accordance with above characteristics of the new anti HIV-1 drug, we present here the partial composition of IMMUNOREXTM using mass spectroscopy method which revealed natural and safe therapeutic molecules in addition to salicin and fatty acids, previously reported; these molecules are known to target HIV-1 gp120, to maintain and to protect cells structure and functions, including that of immune CD4 cells via glycoproteines and glycolipides for antibody production against HIV-1. In agreement with our recent data showing a significant increase of antibodies (p<0,001) against HIV-1 accompanied by related antigen suppression after 10 and or 12 months of oral administration of ImmunorexTM (50mg/70kg per day) 30 male and female HIV-1 infected patients (aged 23 to 32 ) , the drug may act as a Tat antagonist in an anti--HIV-1 vaccine approach"

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