Dudi Darmawan is the lecture of Engineering Faculty Telkom University (1999-present). His research field is in the application of tomografi, expert system, fuzzy system and neural networks for identification, controlling and forecasting. He has been the head of instrumentation and energy research group in Telkom University (2009-2012). Recently, he has been interested to do the researh of NDT (Non Destructive Testing) and he has been pursuing the doctoral degree of physics engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung.


EIT is one application that generates image using impedance to represent the distribution of physical properties of object. Determination of impedance distribution is done through a process of reconstruction. Boundary potential observed is used as data of reconstruction. But use of boundary potential raises the ill-posed in the reconstruction process. This is due to the amount of boundary potential data is not enough to reconstruct the sum ofobject parameters. Beside addition of the data number and developing of reconstruction methods, another way is to improve the data collection system. Data collection system includes current injection method and boundary potential measurement method. Current injection method gives the configuration of injection points that determine the current distribution on the object. While the method of measuring potential comprised with relative potential measurements and absolute potential measurement. In this study, 3 kinds of data collection systems used are adjacent, cross, and opposite. The cross and opposite methods use an absolute potential measurement while the adjacent use relative potential measurement. The resulting value of relative potential is quite small and often not observed. This condition is exacerbated by the high noise that occurs in EIT measurements. The proposed solution is the use of an absolute potential measurement to adjacent method. This method produces a potential value of more scalable and can be separated from the noise. In addition, the absolute potential measurement can describe the state of the object wider between each electrode to the absolute point.The result showed that adjacent method with absolut boundary potential measurement give the better result compared to the use of relative boundary potential measurement.