Edwin G. Ralph

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Title: Improving mentoring practice via the adaptive mentorship © model


Edwin G. Ralph is a professor and internship facilitator with the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. His research and teaching interests have focused on the areas of effective teaching, learning, and mentoring at all levels and in all disciplines.


Adaptive Mentorship©(AM), an interdisciplinary mentoring model designed by Edwin Ralph and his colleague, Keith Walker, to be applied in any coaching, supervisory, mentorship, preceptorship, apprenticeship, or training setting across the post secondary, professional-education, or occupational-training spectrum. Th e authors derived the AM model from earlier contingency leadership/management approaches; and in this presentation Dr. Ralph will synthesize the research results that they and others (including colleagues from Nursing and other Healthcare fields) have accumulated regarding the effectiveness of the AM model in a variety of supervisory, mentoring, and training settings. During the past two decades, they have used these research findings to apply, refine, and disseminate the Adaptive Mentorship model in several experiential-learning and clinically based contexts in North America and abroad. Th e presenter will (a) describe the AM model, its rationale and implementation procedures; (b) consolidate the body of research findings; and (c) summarize the model's strengths and limitations. He will conclude this session by inviting interested mentorship practitioners/researchers in any field of professional development within Nursing or its allied disciplines first to assess this evidence in the light of their own experience, and then to consider whether AM has potential to enhance their own mentoring, preceptoring, or supervisory programs.

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