Einas Al-Eisa

King saud university, Saudi Arabia

Title: Association between physical activity and insomnia in Saudi female students


Dr. Einas Al Eisa, is an Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Educational Affairs, and is also an assistant professor in the college of Applied medical sciences at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. Her research interest focuses on Physical medicine.


Sleep problems among university students are common however, most studies regarding exercise and sleep have been concerned with the influence of exercise on sleep efficiency in clinical conditions and diagnostic insomnia, not on its effects in the prevention and treatment in healthy community.
Aim: This study, conducted among young Saudi female students, aimed to assess the relationship between the physical activity and insomnia.
Design: Cross-sectional design Procedure: One hundred and five students from the College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS) participated and were subjected to walk motivation program for three weeks.
Outcome measure: Insomnia was assessed subjectively before and after 3 weeks using insomnia severity index (ISI) and the physical activity measured objectively by counting number of steps using pedometer.
Results: There was improvement in insomnia severity index scores after 3 weeks but a weak correlation was found between physical activity and insomnia at (r=-0.096).
Conclusion: Findings imply that there lies an association between insomnia and physical activity among young Saudi female students.

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