Amina El-Nemer, PhD (2003) School of Health Studies, Division of Midwifery and women’s Health, Bradford University, UK, Diplom in research ethics, Maryland University, USA (2007). Associate Professor at the Department of women's Health and Midwifery Nursing, Vice Dean of Culture and Community Affairs, Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit, Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University, Egypt. I am having a challenging career in the area of Health Research Ethics, women health, with special interest in empowerment of women. My main focus is normality of childbirth through introducing EBP and PBL in teaching maternity nursing and applying TQM in Higher Education and nursing practice. I am acting as a country co-investigator and coordinator of the study in Egypt called "Development and Implementation of a Labour Companionship Model for Integration in Public Hospitals in Three Arab Middle-Income Countries in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria". I am responsible for the implementation of the project in Egypt.


Despite all the efforts done by Egyptian government to achieve the Millennium Development goals, there is a question regarding the quality of care provided to the Egyptian women during pregnancy and delivery The maternal near-miss has becomes an indicator for quality obstetrics care and for better understanding of the causes of maternal morbidity as because it occurs more frequently than maternal deaths. The aim was to investigate the quality of maternal care provided to survivor's women who developed morbidity in pregnancy and during delivery at Mansoura University Hospital (MUH) Egypt. Using World Health Organization (WHO) near-miss tool for maternal health to identify variables associated. A descriptive study was applied using data from MUH near miss women's records during pregnancy and delivery between October and September 2013. There were 80 cases with life threatening and morbidity conditions, near-misses. The main morbidity conditions were severe pre eclampsia, severe hemorrhage, eclampsia and sepsis. More than 80% of cases went through critical care such as ICU, blood products and laparotomy. 79% of cases experienced organs dysfunction and 5% were died the main associated causes were anemia, previous CS and obstructed labour. Cesarean Section was the main pregnancy outcomes for the near misses (93%). Also, the process and outcome indicators in different morbidity conditions were highlighted. WHO auditing tool gives a better picture of maternity health problems during pregnancy and delivery, providing a thorough evaluation of the quality of healthcare and suggesting improvements as it reflects the scope of complications in maternity care and improves maternal outcomes.

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