Farid Nassif

Farid Nassif

Newport Beach Skin Cancer and Anti AgeingClinic, Australia

Title: Abdominal fat: Your stem cells reservoir


Farid Nassif is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in Sydney, Australia. He specializes in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. He has a diploma of Practical Dermatology from UK and a master’s of Medicine in human reproduction and genetics from Sydney University where his main treatise was on stem cells. His interest in cosmetic medicine and anti ageing has been growing over the last ten years when he added wrinkle injections to his practice including Botox, dermal fi llers and PRP. He has been applying his academic knowledge in stem cells clinically in orthopedic applications. He speaks regularly at anti ageing conferences both nationally and internationally on stem cells and skin cancer topics.


Adipose tissue is easily accessible and rich in pluripotent adult stem cells. Th ese can diff erentiate into fat, cardiac muscle, smooth muscle, skeletal muscle, cartilage, bone, nerves, blood vessels, liver and blood. Extraction of these cells from the fat is a relatively simple procedure. Applications in orthopedic and cosmetic fi elds are gaining popularity as a simple safe and eff ective procedure. We will present a short background on the embryonic vs. adult stem cells, will discuss in detail the method of stem cells extraction and preparation and will present an overview of clinical applications with special emphasis on cosmetic and anti- ageing fi elds. A new role for liposuction is appearing.

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