Fayaz Ahmed Sahibzada

Fayaz Ahmed Sahibzada

Umm Al Qura University Holy Makkah, KSA

Title: Anemia status in a sample of female students of Umm Al-Qura University, Holy Makkah, Western Saudi Arabia


Fayaz Ahmed Sahibzada completed his Master of Science Honors in Human Nutrition in 1999 from NWFP Agricultural University Pakistan. He worked as a Clinical Dietitian in Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences since 2004.In June 2004 migrated to Australia as a skilled professional and got Australian citizenship. He completed M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition from University of Wollongong Australia in 2007. Worked in Nutrition Australia as a Nutritionist, From October 2010 to date working in Umm Al Qura University Makkah Saudi Arabia as a senior Lecturer in Clinical Nutrition Department and teaching Dietetics and supervising research projects as well.


The anemia status in a sample of female students was studied in Umm Al Qura University in Holy Makkah, Western Saudi Arabia. The study was conducted in three female colleges of Umm Al Qura University in Holy Makkah. A sample of 60 female students was randomly selected for the study; all the selected subjects were interviewed to collect the, demographic, body mass index data (BMI) and dietary intake data by using a standard questionnaire. Blood samples from all the subjects were collected and investigated under the supervision of qualified Medical Technologist to know the hemoglobin and serum iron level. The results showed that the status of iron deficiency anemia is 3.3%, The dietary intake data showed that the fruits and vegetables intake of the all selected subjects is low, the all other food groups consumption is nearly normal, The BMI status showed that the 48% subjects were in normal weight range followed by 32 % underweight, 8% overweight, 7 % obese and 5 % severe obese. The Anemia status was 3.3% in a random selected sample of Umm Al Qura University in conclusion, the present study revealed that anemia to be not a major health problem among the university female students in Makkah Saudi Arabia. The anemia status was low among girls as they belong to the high socio economic background.

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