Frederick A. Coville

Frederick A. Coville

Cornerstone Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, USA

Title: Skin: The fifth dimension and sixth sense of beauty


Frederick A. Coville, a New Jersey plastic surgeon based in the city of Linwood, is an internationally recognized plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His experience in combining skin rejuvenation with sophisticated surgical and non-surgical techniques has earned him the respect of plastic surgeons and dermatologic colleagues internationally. He has an exceptional perspective in maximizing beauty. For these reasons, Dr. Coville, a native New Yorker, has become a widely sought-after speaker around the world.


Background: Plastic Surgery as a discipline represents the quintessential confl uence of artistry and science. By virtue of the fact that our results are dynamic and are altered by time, aesthetic surgery is unlike its static counterparts such as sculpture or painting. As an art form, it stands all but alone as true “Living Art”. As a science, plastic surgery is on a perpetual quest to quantify, identify, and defi ne beauty in an analytical manner. By doing so, we hope to create methods that deliver reproducible results. Th e problems we ask ourselves to solve are, “What is Beauty?” and “How do we create it?” Th e inconvenient truth of these questions is that we are forever striving to describe a wholly right brain concept–Beauty–through left brain gymnastics. Although this can bring us very close to the answers we seek; we can never get there without an appreciation of the emotional and limbic nature of beauty. Discussion and Conclusion: Th is presentation seeks to explore the oft en overlooked intangibles of beauty that are most evident in skin. Th e author asserts that youthful, healthy skin is the single most important aspect of beauty and yet the most oft en neglected or under-addressed in our aesthetic manipulations. As surgeons and physicians, our handling of skin can be precise and targeted, but equally myopic. For example, the absence of wrinkles does not always create youthful-appearing skin and simple tightening unaccompanied by skin improvement never creates beauty. Th is “Sixth Sense” of beauty has been understood and appreciated by us on an almost subconscious level for as long as we have existed; and has played a huge role in how we have evolved. Th e author will take a journey through time, history, art, and evolution in order to establish a platform from which we can begin to refi ne our eff orts of skin manipulation and surgical technique to chase this elusive Gestalt of Beauty.

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