Fruhmann Johanna

Fruhmann Johanna

Medical University Hospital Graz, Europe

Title: Paraganglioma and SDH mutation


Fruhmann has studied medicine at the University Hospital in Graz, Austria. She started to work right after study at the Department for Vascular Surgery at the Medical University Hospital Graz, Austria. She focused early on Paraganglioma, especially carotid body tumors which were operated at that Department. Numerous lectures, publications and reviewer function are done.


This lecture will inform about paraganglioma first. We focus on carotid body tumors, clinical diagnostics, symptoms, size and Shamblin classification. Etiolgy of paraganglioma, like sporadic or hereditary SDH mutations, in detail their subunits and their different clinical appearances will be clarified. Future prospects regarding diagnostic by immunohistochemistry will be discussed

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