G Ambica is currently working in Sri Venkineswara Veterinary University, India.


A bullock was brought to Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex (TVCC), College of Veterinary Science, Korutla with the history of adlib (more than 5 kg) intake of soya bean and owner has reported that animal is dull, not taking feed and not voiding faeces. Animal was treated at nearby Veterinary hospital for 2 days but there was no improvement. Detailed clinical examination was done which revealed slight pale & dry conjunctival mucous membranes, complete atony of the rumen, profuse frothy salivation and the body condition was emaciated with severe dehydration and sunken eye balls. Blood, dung, urine, rumen fluid (with pH 9.5) samples were collected for detailed laboratory examination and results will be presented. Animal was treated with i.v fluids, purgatives (Magsulf), rumen acidifying agents (Tamarind water & baking soda), antibiotics, antihistamines and rumentorics for certain period and bullock started defaecating by 2nd day and started taking green grass from 4th day onwards and was recovered fully by day seven.

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