Gemma A Gruyal

Surigao Del Sur State University, Philippines

Title: Ethnomedicinal plants used by residents in northern Surigao Del Sur, Philippines



The people of Northern part of Surigao Del Sur particularly Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, Carmen and Lanuza have, for centuries, been using certain indigenous plants in the treatment of several physical maladies. The information and folk knowledge regarding the medicinal and therapeutic uses of these indigenous plant materials have handed down from generation to generation through verbal communication. With the advent of modern medicine and technology, some of these folk medicines were relegated to the sidelines or are no longer practiced. Today’s younger and more “educated” populace no longer values this knowledge or information as being useful. Documentation of information about medicinal plants can provide a data base for future research and potential for the development of new drugs. The present study was conducted to document the medicinal plant utilized for the treatment of different ailments suffer by the residents. The mode of preparation and the ailments being cured were also included in the documentation. A semi-structured questionnaire was being employed in gathering the demographic and ethnobotanical knowledge through interviews. Fifty (50) informants were involved in providing information on the 70 plant species documented as medicinal plants utilized by the residents of Northern Surigao del Sur to treat different kinds of diseases and ailments. The most frequently used plant part in terms of percentage of total number of species was the leaves (84.3%). This was followed by stem (8.9%), roots (7.1%), bark (4.3%), hair and rhizome (1.4%). The methods applied in the preparation of the herbal medicine were pounding, crushing, preheat, soaking, decoction and infusion. The most common health problems treated by the identified medicinal plants were stomach ailments, respiratory diseases, wounds, boils and muscle pains. Some of the medicinal plants used to treat different ailments. Most of the medications were administered internally.

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