Gianpaolo Tartaro

Gianpaolo Tartaro

Second University of Naples, Italy

Title: The prophiloplasty in the XXI century


Gianpaolo Tartaro graduated as plastic surgeon at “La Sapienza” University in Rome. Later, he became fi rst associate, and then ordinary Professor in Maxillo-Facial Surgery at the Second University of Naples. Now, he is the director of the Unit of Cranio-maxillo–Facial Surgery and director of school of specialization in maxillo facial surgery in Second University of the Naples. He operated more than 500 cases of facial deformities; he is involved in research and is author in 200 many scientifi c publications


Dentofacial deformities are facial malformations present worldwide. Rehabilitation of these patients is challenging and requires important skills in plastic and maxillofacial surgery. Nowadays, as is well known, patients seek for quick and consistent results, so surgeons involved in this fi led must be very confi dent with bone surgery, the use of facial implants, and soft tissues surgery. Author in his career operated more than 500 patients aff ected by dentofacial deformities. In this lecture, he will discuss and compare dentofacial deformity rehabilitation strategies reviewing the diff erent approaches used nowadays, and underlining how important is today the pre-operative evaluation, thanks to the newest facial morphing soft wares.

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