Gill Solberg

Gill Solberg

Kibbutzim Collage of Education Technology and Arts

Title: Adapted exercise therapy program for people with Kyphosis: Indications and contraindications in treatment procedures


Gill Solberg is a clinical kinesiologist since 1985. During his graduate studies he specialized in clinical kinesiology and postural disorders. He is a diagnostician and head therapist in his private physical therapy clinic and is a leading lecturer at various academic colleges in Israel. His book "Postural disorders and musculoskeletal dysfunction: Diagnosis prevention and treatment" was published by "Elsevier" and is now being an academic textbook, all over the world (3 languages). His last development in the field of movement therapy is "Functional Anatomy of Yoga" , a new software that is the first of its kind in the world.


In the continued search for the etiology of hyperkyphosis, exercise therapists began to recognize the multifactorial nature of the problem and the difficulty in establishing an accurate definition of "posture norms". This presentation focuses on a comprehensive integrative approach to treating hyperkyphosis. Its purpose is to expand and enrich the use of adapted exercise both therapeutically and in regular activity for improving postural patterns in daily functioning.
The presentation delves into the anatomy and kinesiology of the musculo-skeletal system, and reviews common possible causes for Kyphosis. The material is based on research data underpinned by contemporary professional literature, and details therapeutic applications utilizing adapted exercises.
Since this problem depends on a plethora of causal factors, the presentation will set down some of the basic information needed by movement therapists. The material is organized in a way that facilitated an easy integration of the theoretical and the practical aspects in therapy.
The presentation will include a clinical case-study video, combined with a didactic power point presentation using original high level interactive animations focusing on the kinesiology of human movement.