Giuseppe Mele

Giuseppe Mele


Title: Giuseppe Mele


Giuseppe Mele, Pediatrician. Giuseppe Mele is the Past National President of FIMP, the Italian Federation of Pediatricians and Scientific Coordinator. He gained his degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1977; he specialized in pediatrics with full marks. He has always been passionate about civil and human rights and this brought him to fight for the rights in his category through the channel of medical unionism. He has been involved in the health system both on a professional level and from a political and unionist point of view. During his twenty-year medical and trade union experience, he can count numerous attendances to events such as: Ministerial Commissions, Scientific Boards, prestigious publications and national and international congress events. In 2013 he has been nominated expert for the Advisory Committee for the Pediatric area of the Italian Medicines Agency.


The role of intestinal microbiota has acquired a growing importance thanks to the recent extensive investigations performed in the last years. It was evidenced that, in the interaction between microbiota and host organism, a well-balanced microbiota carries to the host organism advantages in term of resistance to colonization, contribution to the realization of the intestinal wall, production of short chain fatty acids, production of vitamins, mainly of group B, interaction with immune system at mucosal level. (1) It seems therefore evident that maintaining microbiota balance is an essential element in the contribution to the global health of host organism. The main characteristics for a positive, effective and well tolerated interaction between a probiotic and the host organism are: vitality; metabolic characterization and taxonomic identification; administration of adequate amounts of microorganisms; a clear definition, obtained through clinical trials, of health benefits for the host; safety evaluation performed through pre-marketing trials and rather monitored, in the post-marketing period, from Pharmacovigilance to guarantee a constant control. The viability of the microorganism is an essential element that has to be warranted both in the industrial process and in the product shelf-life(2) with adequate trials on termoresistance, but also after ingestion thanks to characteristics such as gastroresistance and bile-pancreatic resistance. The diagnostic algorithm based on recently published evidence-based guidelines on CMPA. If CMPA is suspected by history and examination, then strict allergen avoidance is initiated. In certain circumstances the diagnosis can be made without a milk challenge. Treatment and reevaluation.