Gustavo Cruz

Gustavo Cruz

Cargill Animal Nutrition, USA

Title: Do not be afraid of saturated fatty acids


Gustavo Cruz is originally from Brazil, graduated from Sao Paulo State University. The focus of his research during graduate school was production efficiency with beef and dairy cattle. Currently, he is the Ruminant Research and Development Manager at Cargill Animal Nutrition. He has published more than 13 papers in reputed journals and presented in more than 20 national and international meetings.


According to the USDA/USDHHS (2010) saturated fatty acids (SFA) from dairy products represent 30% of the total SFA consumed by Americans. Consumption of SFA for the last 60 years has been associated with Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD). Based on the results from past literature the Institute of Medicine and the European Food Safety Authority have established recommendations to limit SFA intake to as low as possible while consuming a balanced diet. Recently studies have shown that previous work mistakenly reported the association between SFA and CVD; in addition new studies are not observing this association and even some of them are showing a positive correlation, in other words, low CVD risk was observed in individuals with high levels of SFA. Currently the hip around healthy diet is associated with low or no fat intake, but it is important to remember that milk and dairy products are essential for human health and prevention of diseases.

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