Dr. H.N. Shivaprasad has completed his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Dr. H. S. Gour University, India. He is the Vice President-Research & Technical Affairs of M/s. Olive Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., a health care organization based out of Bangalore in India specializing in standardized herbal extracts, nutraceutical formulations and cosmeceutical products. He has bagged “Young Scientist” award in recognition of outstanding contribution in the field of Pharma/biotechnology and herbal drug research at international level by John Hopkins University, USA and Colombo University, Sri Lanka. He has published 34 papers in reputed international and national journals and given presentations at many international conferences.He has traveled extensively in USA, Middle East, Korea, Hong Kong, UK, Sri Lanka and European countries like France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Germany etc.


Development of clinically validated herbal nutraceuticals is based on natural products and traditional medicines are re-emerging as attractive options. In search of new leads or drugs from mass screening of plants is vastly expensive and insufficient. Yet, traditional knowledge based bioprospecting offered better leads can be rationally designed, carefully standardized and clinically validated with robust scientific evidence. These clinically proven herbal nutraceuticals can be used for the management of various ailments.Traditional medicine-based bioprospecting may offer promisingnew leads with compounds generally recognized as safe.A large number of promising lead molecules have come outfrom Ayurveda& traditional system. Researchers estimated that over 100 new natural product-based leads are in clinical development. From 1981 to 2002 about 60%of anticancer and 75% of anti-infective drugs were approved which could be traced from natural origins. For instance,Olive Lifesciences, Bengaluru, India has developed clinically proven herbal nutraceuticals includes SALCITAL(Salacia extract) and SesaVita(Sesamin extract) which helps in the management of prediabetes and mild-to-moderate hyperlipidemia.An approach towards development of clinically proven herbal nutraceuticals showed that old molecules arefinding new applications through a better understanding of traditionalknowledge and clinical observations.The novelty of this approach isthe combination of living traditional knowledge such as Ayurvedaand the application of modern technology and processes to providebetter and safer leads.

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