Hady Atef

Cairo University, Egypt

Title: Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation


Hady Atef has graduated at the age of 23 years from Cairo University and he is studying his masters now from Cairo University faculty of physical therapy. He is an instructor in the faculty of physical therapy in the department of cardiopulmonary and geriatrics rehabilitation. He is working now on a research about finding a conservative alternative method of treatment for the congenital heart diseases rather than the traditional surgical choices.


Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is a very important part of the rehabilitation of chronic cardiac or lung conditions , physical therapy has an integral role in the rehabilitation of such cases , patients undergo open heart kind surgeries are eligible for that kind of rehabilitation as soon as their case is stable ,this rehabilitation can assist the patient to cope up with his new life and improves his quality of life, physical therapy uses some types of supervised exercises to achieve that goal like endurance and resistance exercise using treadmills, bicycles and even free weights, several studies was done in that issue and almost most of them proved the efficacy of that kind of rehabilitation and its positive effect on the patient and how it can assist him to return work as soon as possible even after massive surgeries like open heart surgeries

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