Hakan Emirkadi

Hakan Emirkadi

Golcuk Military Hospital, Kocaeli, Turkey

Title: Unılateral Sudden Sensorıneural Hearıng Loss After General Anesthesıa


Hakan EMIRKADI has been graduated at the age of 25 years from GATA Medicine University and completed his specialization on Anesthesiology from GATA University. He is the director of Anesthesiology at Golcuk Military Hospital.


Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) is defined as 30 dB or more loss of at least three consequent audiometric frequencies occurring within the last three days. SSHL associated with combined nasal and breast surgeries were not reported previously in the literature. Microemboli occluding internal auditory artery is the proposed underlying mechanism of SSHL. Increased platelet count and adhesiveness could be the triggering mechanisms in emboli formation. We present a 36 year-old female who had reduction mamoplasty and septorhinoplasty. After the surgery she complained of tinnitus and hearing loss in her right ear. Audiologic tests revealed profound sensorineural hearing loss of the right ear and a pure tone average of 101 dB. After treatment and six month follow-up, the air and the bone conduction averages recovered to 58 dB and 50 dB in lower frequencies.

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