Hakim Syed Shah Anisuddin

Hakim Syed Shah Anisuddin

Al-Kaif Herbal Clinic, India

Title: Al-hijamah (cupping) therapy in islamic perception


Syed Shah Anisuddin is a qualified Gemologist & Gem Therapist and Consultant of Tele Therapy, Chromo Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Reiki Healings, Aura Readings, Crystal Healing, Pendulum Dowsing, Vastu (Feng-Shui) Consultant, Registered Unani Practitioner & Specialist consultant in Hijamah (Cupping) Therapy practising since 1986. Director of Al-Kaif Herbal Clinic, Gems Medical Research Centre and Managing Partner in Al-Kaif Herbal Products and Marketing.


Aim: To prove that Hijamah (Cupping) Therapy is the best detox whole body and make it toxin free and it’s preventive and curative for all complicated major illness.
The Hijamah (Cupping) Therapy is an ancient method of treatment in which a cup is put on various points of the body and reflex zones usually on the back, abdomen or legs to cause local congestion through a negative pressure created by a special pump. The negative pressure can be also created by introducing heat in the form of an ignited material. Stimulating these zones by drawing blood flow to them in turn stimulates the tissue and internal organs to which the zones are believed to correspond. Also, the cups create minor bruising; this triggers the immune system. Then the cup is removed and small superficial incisions using a surgical blade are made. The cups are re-placed and a negative pressure (vacuum) is created again. The created negative pressure pulls out the diseased blood out of the body that in turn poured into the cups and then the diseased blood is disposed. Hijamah (Cupping) is a also form of ILAJ-BIT-TADBEER (Regimental Therapy) mentioned in classical Unani literature used for local evacuation or diversion of morbid humours by creating negative pressure by creating vacuum on the surface of the skin.