Hans Peter Zenner

Hans Peter Zenner

University of Tuebingen, Germany

Title: Genomic analysis for early indication of cochlear implantation


He is gratuated Doctor of Medical Sciences in cancer research, Mainz, Germany; M.D. Mainz, Germany; Undergraduate Schools of Medicine and of Fine Arts, Würzburg, Germany. MBA, BBA, Koblenz, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland. Heis a member executive board, National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. 2009 and 2010 president German Association of Sciences and Medicine. 2001/2002 president German Society of ORL/Head&Neck Surgery.


Molecular personalized medicine has to goal, to identify those patients, who respond in a positive or negative (non-responder, no wanted effect) manner to a specific therapy. Using genomic analyses of the functional proteins otoferlin, connexin26, KCNQ4 or Usher genes personalized plays an increasing role in the indication of cochlear implants for newborn babies. Instead of waiting for a non-development of language, application allows for early implantation and thus for earlier language development.

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