Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Institute of Pharmacy, India

Title: Formulation and evaluation of esomeprazole buccal patch


Harsh Shah has completed his Post graduation in Pharmacy at the age of 23 years from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health care science, Bangalore, India and doing PhD from Gujarat Technological University. He is working as an Asst. Professor in department of Pharmaceutics at Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu Institute of Pharmacy, Gujarat, India.


Esomeprazole is class of drug called proton pump inhibitors used in treatment of gastro esophagus reflux disease. Buccoadhesive buccal delivery systems for Esomeprazole in the form of unidirectional buccal patches were developed and characterized for improving bioavailability. The patches were formulated by solvent casting method using different bioadhesive polymers like HPMC 50cps and Eudragit RL-100 by using plasticizers glycerol and penetration enhancer tween-80. The physicochemical compatibility of the drug and the polymers was studied by FT-IR spectroscopy. The results suggested no physicochemical incompatibility between the drug and the polymers. Unidirectional release was achieved by preparing composite patches with backing membrane. The patches were characterized on the basis of their physical characteristics like weight uniformity, thickness, swelling studies, folding endurance, surface pH, bioadhesive performance, in vitro drug release and ex vivo drug diffusion. By evaluation of formulated patches we can find best formulation on basis of bioadhesive studies, in vitro drug release, ex vivo drug diffusion and folding endurance. Stability study of best formulations was carried out at different temperature as per ICH guidelines.

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