Hasan Cebi

Hasan Cebi

Manisa City Directory of Food, Agriculture & Livestock

Title: Food, agriculture and livestock productivity in Manisa, Turkey: The profile study


Hasan Cebi was born in Samsun in 1963. He completed all schools in Samsun and he graduated the zootechnics department of Ondokuz Mayıs University in the same city. Also he completed the Faculty of Economics in Anadolu University. He completed the zootechnics master’s degree in Ondokuz Mayıs University. He worked as an agricultural engineer in Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Karadeniz Agricultural Research Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Strategy Development Department of Turkey during 1981-1997. He had administration positions in several places including Karadeniz Agricultural Research Institute Director (1997), Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in Aydın (2004), in Kırıkkale (2005), in Mardin (2008), again in Kırıkkale (2010). He was appointed as Senior Advisor in Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministery in Ankara (2011), at the same time, he continued the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture in Kırklareli (2011). Since 2012 July, he has been acting as the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Director in Manisa, Turkey.


Manisa is one of the major agricultural production areas owing to its favorable climate, rich soil, high quality in water and also its unique geographical potential. In 5.139.374 acres of agricultural land located in Manisa, various agricultural products are produced above average yields, compared to Turkey scale. 43.8 percent of agricultural areas are being watered so, it has crop varieties including fruit and vegetables. Sultana grape, olive, cherry, tobacco and vegetables with premium and highly productive are mostly produced in this area. Comparing to total production in Turkey, %30 of total grapes, %94 of sultana raisin, %33 of tobacco,%12 of table olive, %7 of corn, cherry and tomato are being produced in Manisa. Whereas many part of agricultural products are exported. Livestock is also foremost position in Manisa. It has known that poultry sector is one the major group of livestock, has being developed, increasingly. %12 of poultry and egg production actualizes in Manisa. Within this context, the most important organized industrial place located in Manisa has a developed industry.

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