Hesham AL-Mashad

Hesham AL-Mashad

Makkah Institution for Speech and Hearing, Saudi Arabia

Title: ENT– related islamic hygienic instructions


Hesham got his MD. in april 2001, working now as ENT Consultant and medical director in Makkah Institution for Speech and Hearing (MISH). He attended 2nd Emirates Rhinology Conference, January 2012, in Dubai as speaker.


There are many Islamic instructions which can treat and / or prevent some ENT–related diseases. Th e beauty of these instructions is that they are not exclusive for Muslims, on the contrary they can apply by any one, Muslims or non- Muslims and also religionless. In addition to this vital reason there are two other important reasons: 1) Simple and easily applicable. 2) Highly cost eff ective. These 3 reasons made me anxious and keen to share these knowledges with my ENT colleagues in this important conference, enabling them to help in treating their patients by these instructions. Islamic instructions addressed many diseases like sinusitis, halitosis, obstructive sleep apnea and others. I'll tailor my presentation according to time allowed.