Hifzul Kabir

Hifzul Kabir

Jamia Hamdard, India

Title: Unani Murakkabat (formulations): Need of modification


Dr. Hifzul Kabir has completed his M.D from Aligarh Muslim University. He guided research scholars perusing their M.D. He has published 8 books as text books, monograph and seminar proceedings, 48 papers in reputed journals and more than 20 articles and serving as editorial board member of repute journals. He worked as Reader in National Institute of Unani Medicine Bangalore. He organized international, national conferences. He presented more than 22 papers in different international and national conferences/seminars. He worked on several research projects. He was expert member in different committees not only his university but other universities/central council of Indian Medicine.


Ilmul Advia (Pharmacology) is backbone of Unani system of Medicine. It includes evaluation of drugs (identification, cultivation, collection, storage) etc on one hand and action and uses on other. In relation to Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology and pharmacy of modern stream, it is much wider and comprises Kulliyat Advia, Mufradat, Murakkabat, Saidla and Kushtasaazi. Murakkabat, Saidla and Kushtasaazi have vide field of work but very little is being done. Murakkabat (Compound formulations) need to be modified.
Ingredients: Certain preparations contain more than 40 or even 141 or more ingredients. It is very difficult to justify their presence, further more some drugs are not available and these should be excluded from the formulation. Some drugs are repeated in the name of other drug or with same chemical composition.
Preparation method of drugs: We should prepare drugs on standard parameters to compete the world. As in preparation of Kushta, heat should be given in terms of temperature regulated by computer but still now we are doing in terms of weight of dung cake. Sherbet majoon and other preparation’s sugar must be replaced to sugar free, which will be safe to diabetic and other such patients.
Toxicity Study: Kushta and other poisonous drugs should be evaluated for their toxicity study, so that their indications, contraindication may be established. By describing these facts, it is need of time to evaluate the drugs on such parameters, that principles of Unani System should not be neglected.
Key words: Unani, Murakkabat

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