Himangi Amol Raut

Himangi Amol Raut

Virar Homoeopathic Medical College, India

Title: Myths of Homeopathy


Dr. Himangi Amol Raut aged 35 years is currently working as lecturer in Virar Homeopathyeopathic Medical College and practicing Homeopathy since 12 years.Completed her B.H.M.S from CMP Homeopathyeopathic Medical College, Mumbai. Done her internship at Bhaktivedant hospital and Internee post at Mumbadevi Hospital attached to CMPHMC.


The reason why myths do exist about Homeopathy is that Homeopath lacks in research. There is no so called proof of its action. Mainly because it is proved on humans and not on animals; thereby scientifically its action cannot be proved or recorded via the medium of chemical changes or pathological and microscopic changes in tissues etc {though there is a research now that there is something beyond Avogadro`s number and nanotechnology is proving its action . Here are some myths about Homeopathy: 1] Homeopathy is placebo - Had it been a placebo effect , how does it act in infants ? Also it acts very well in non self limiting illnesses like tumours, growths, kochs etc. 2] Homeopathy cannot be taken by diabetics – due to sweet pills – though we dispence it to them in liquid form or triturated medication. 3] Homeopathy has no side effects so one can self medicate – Though there are no side effects , it definitely has an effect ; so un necessary and un –indicated remedies should not be taken or else they might start proving ! 4] Homeopathy does not act in acute cases or emergencies – which is not the case. It acts very well if well indicated and in correct potency. 5] With Homeopathy treatment you cannot take multivitamins , iron calcium tablets or saline , ringer lactate to the patient –If patient has a deficiency of iron , calcium or electrolytes , how can Homeopathy medication supply them ?. 6] Homeopathy is slow acting - I feel it’s the fastest acting medication and can be given even by inhalation when correctly indicated. 7] Homeopathic medicines cannot be given to animals – whereas they act they act well in animals also. 8] Homeopathic medicine always increases the illness before it eradicate – which is not the case. 9] Surgery is not allowed when Homeopathic treatment is on. – but if a case is of a purely surgical disease surgery is a must. E.g. I had attended an operation of a 5 kg ovarian cyst which can never disappear with Homeopathic treatment. 10] Homeopathy cures all illnesses like last stage cancer – This myth exists amongst Homeopaths who are too staunch followers of the system and don’t accept its drawbacks! These myths can be eradicated partially by educating the patient and creating awareness amongst the common man regarding the facts.

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