Hiralal H Agarwal

Hiralal H Agarwal

Shri Ram Clinic, India

Title: Multispecialty efficacy of homeopathy : My experience


Graduate of Homeopathy from Pune and post graduate from International Academy of Classical Homeopathy-Greece. Director of Shri Ram Clinic last 29yrs. Recipient of Rotary Foundation Scholarship in 1986. Member advisory committee International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece. Regional representative (West) India of World Federation of Alternative Medicine(WFAM).Worked for 18yrs as HOD Dept. of Materia Medica. Running free projects of Slow Learner School & also a total health care for 111senior citizens with Homoeopathy. Presented seminar on Skin Diseases in Israel-Jan 2009. Presented paper on Efficacy of Homeopathy at the National Scientific Congress in Bhopal 2007, have also written articles in periodicals & journals & radio program for awareness of Homeopathy.


“Strength of a Nation” is going to be the key word in a global village. All our Traditional Medicine & Alternative Medical Therapies have the inherent potential to become the world leader.
In Europe and parts of Asia, homeopathy continues to grow. It’s so popular there, it’s no longer appropriate to consider it "alternative" medicine. Homeopathy is used in virtually every country in the world today, and millions of people take a homeopathic medicine on a daily basis.
Homeopathy in India has shown spectacular progress during last decade. We fall under the group of Third World countries and we still have the best conditions that can provide unexploited material for the development and growth of Homeopathy. Not only the urban but also the rural population is now realizing the efficacy of its Holistic approach apart from being Natural, Scientific, Safe, Effective, Quick, User Friendly and Cost Effective. The advent of technology has brought the world on the desktop but at the same time a heavy price is been given in the form of various life style disease, psychosomatic diseases along with the organ & system diseases. Homeopathy offers a TOTAL system of healing. Many health issues can be relieved, improved, and yes, even cured by it. At least that’s been my experience.
Case Reports-I shall be presenting cases, exclusively from my private practice of 29 yrs, ITP, Herpes Encephalitis, HIV, Nephritic Syndrome, Nephritis, Renal calculi,obstruction, Goitre, Psoriasis, Lichen Planes, Eczema, Diabetic foot, Non Healing ulcers. Cystic fibrosis, tonsillitis, goiter, Polyps, Hemangioma, acute swelling of ankle, appendicitis, Inflamed varicose veins, Fracture of the terminal phalnx, Acute gastroenteritis, HIV, AVN, Convulsions, vasovagal shock, acute lymphyngitis, bed sore.cancer, heterogeneous ossificans.
Conclusion- Homeopathy has vital role in building up the Immune System, also its high easy acceptability & palatability in all age groups with least side effects. It harmonizes total health of Mind, Emotion & Physic.