Hua Yan

Hua Yan

Logistic Engineering University, China

Title: Infiltration of Green Chemistry Concept in Chemistry Experiment Teaching


Hua Yan, male, born in Chengdu P.R. China on 4 June 1963. He received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Zhejiang University in 1999. Hua Yan is a professor, Ph.D supervisor, and the dean of Department of Chemistry and Material Engineering, Logistic Engineering University.


Traditional chemical teaching is an indoctrination teaching of imparting knowledge. It can train students , practical ability and basic chemical operations to some extent, but lack of environmental awareness, no green innovation. Green chemistry is an emerging discipline with a wide-ranging interdisciplinary characteristic. It is the forefront of chemical research in today ’s society. The more imperfect and advanced knowledge, the more we can motivate students the value of creative development. It helps students to boldly explore intrinsic power, accumulate a lot of creative ideas and research topics and establish innovative ways of thinking. Microscope chemistry experiment is a kind of method which can implement the smallest usage of experimental drugs and miniaturization of experimental instruments on the premise of guaranteeing apparent emergence of phenomenon. The core concept is “to obtain the required chemical information with reagent as little as possible ”. Microscope experiment does not simply reduce conventional experiment scale, but replace the original experiment with new ways and new technology based on concept of green chemistry. In the evolution of experimental methods it uses green chemistry principles to redesign and transform the experiment to meet the requirements of different experiments. This is a flexible change process. Which experiment corresponds to the specific kind of drug, which phenomenon matches the corresponding principle, it both requires students to have a strong sensitivity to chemical experiments and observation. At the same time it will train students, ability to find shortages and problems of original process design in the procedure.

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