Hua Zhong is a practicing surgical Pathology and a member of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.


Technical innovations, such as the high-throughput and highly efficient next-generation sequencing (NGS), hold the promise for improving cancer management through better understanding of cancer biology and the discoveries of new biomarkers significant for personalized oncology. However, how surgical pathology practice facilitates, collaborates with and nourishes from the new process is a big challenge. Precision surgical pathology, defined by the speaker as a core and indispensable component of personalized oncology, is a precise process that incorporates detailed gross denotations, bio-specimen repository, quality control, histological and molecular classifications, oncogenomics, clinical-histological-molecular-genomic correlations, and oncological epidemiology. Practicing precision surgical pathology in the setting of personalized oncology is able to identify putative, diagnostic, therapeutically actionable, rarely occurring and unexpected bio-genomic markers that are clinically meaningful. Selected cases of such a practice will be presented and discussed.

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