Dr. Humaira anjum has completed her masters degree from mumbai university in conservative dentistry & endodontics. She is practicing in clinical endodontics since last 16 years. She has taught as an assistant lecturer at college & hospital.


A sample of 64 pellets of polycarboxylate cement & chemically activated composite resin- retrograde filling materials, was used to study the tissue response in albino rats of Wister strain. These materials were implanted in the subcutaneous tissue of 16 adult albino rats, equally distributed into 4 groups for various observation periods i.e.3,10,20 and 30days. Under G.A. using ether after preparation of the part,4 incisions were made and 2 pellets of each material were implanted below the skin and the wounds were sutured & post operatively the animals were observed. Healing was normal and uneventful. The animals were then sacrificed & the tissue spp.containing the pellets were obtained, fixed in formalin, dehydrated in graded ethyl alcohol, cleared in xylene,embedded in paraffin wax & bocks were prepared. Six micrometer thick sections were made & stained with haematoxylin and eosin. The stained sections were subjected to histological examination and the results were tabulated.

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