Hussam E. Najjar

Hussam E. Najjar

Ministry of Health
Saudi Arabia

Title: “Dental Photography: The ABCs”


Hussam E. Najjar has completed his BDS at the age of 25 years from King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. He worked as a general dentist in Ministry of Defense then in Ministry of Health at Saudi Arabia. He is also a photographer interested in Portrait and landscape photography, he is interested also in using the different photography techniques within the field of dentistry.


In Order to assess the effectiveness of the treatment, we need to add to the patient file records and radiographs, intra and extra-oral photographs, here I’m going to talk about the ABCs of the intra oral dental photography, and what are the suitable cameras to buy and what settings are the most suitable for dental photography? What are the appropriate flash light settings? The technique is explained step by step, and also I’m going to talk about the post processing of photos and some common mistakes in dental photographs. The presentation starts by a brief introduction on how to buy your appropriate camera as the first step for a textbook quality photos.