Ifeoma Ikenze

Ifeoma Ikenze

Integrative Homeopathic Consultations, USA

Title: Homeopathic treatment of acute and chronic asthma in children


Dr Ifeoma Ikenze graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and completed her residency at Boston Children’s Hospital. She received her Diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy. She is the author of Menopause and Homeopathy: A Guide for Women in Midlife and an international speaker who has been featured in multiple national and international magazines and television programs. She is currently in practice in San Anselmo, California, U.S.A.


There is an increasing incidence of allergic and autoimmune disorders in the population at large and especially in children. Allergic and inflammatory manifestations of disease in the skin and mucous membranes are often treated with suppressive agents, which give the semblance of control of symptoms but in general, do not result in permanent eradication of symptoms, and therefore cannot be considered a cure. The homeopathic approach to treating asthma and allergies is a comprehensive one aimed at all organ systems and all associated pathological manifestations simultaneously with the prescription of a carefully chosen individualized homeopathic remedy regimen that results in a complete restoration of health. Pediatric cases will be presented to illustrate the process of determining the appropriate remedy choice in acute asthma as well as in chronic multi-symptomatic asthma and allergy. A simplified approach to understanding the newer and more recently identified homeopathic remedies will also be presented.

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