Imran Ahmad

Imran Ahmad

Jina Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA

Title: Rx of Cancer using novel delivery system for taxanes - Clinical experience


Imran Ahmad is President and Chief Executive Officer of Jina Pharmaceuticals Inc. and serves as a board member in several Biopharmaceutical companies. Currently, he is Head of Scientific Advisory Board of Intas Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Jina Pharmaceuticals, Ahmad was Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President at NeoPharm Inc., Illinois, USA. At NeoPharm, he was responsible for building the Research and Development infrastructure and led the Drug Development Programs. Before joining NeoPharm, he held various leadership positions at The Liposome Company, New Jersey, USA. He has over 23 years of experience and played a leadership role to design and develop lipid based drug delivery systems resulting in commercialization of drugs. Ahmad also holds the ad-hoc position of Professor at Department of Radiation Medicine, Lombardi Cancer Center, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. USA. Dr. Ahmad performed post-doctoral research at the University of Alberta, Department of Pharmacology, Edmonton, Canada. Dr. Ahmad is the author of over 70 scientific publications and more than 50 patents and patent applications in area of drug delivery systems.


Taxanes are among the most active agents for the treatment of various cancers. Due to the insolubility of these compounds, the commercial formulation uses detergents and alcohol for administration which results in several side effects in patients. Nanoaqualip™ Technology provides an alternative method to formulate Taxanes (Paclitaxel, Docetaxel and Cabazitaxel) in complete aqueous medium resulting in improved drug safety profile by eliminating polysorbate 80/castor oil and ethanol from commercial taxane products. Formulating taxanes using Nanoaqualip™ technology enable us to avoid premedication and provide better quality of life to the treated patients. Administration of Nanosomal Cabazitaxel Lipid Suspension showed that product is bioavailable and safe in rodent and dog studies. Advance clinical safety and efficacy studies are also completed with Nanosomal Docetaxel or Paclitaxel Lipid Suspensions (NDLS or NPLS) in over 200 patients and the drugs were infused up to 6 cycles. Overall, the Nanoaqualip™ based drugs were well tolerated with the multiple dose administration of 75 mg/m2 of NDLS or 175 mg/m2 NPLS. In addition, an increase response rate was observed compared to commercial Paclitaxel and Docetaxel products.`

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