Ingrid Mergelsberg

Ingrid Mergelsberg

Merck Co., Inc., USA

Title: Green chemistry at merck - A development chemist ’s perspective


Ingrid Mergelsberg has completed her PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany and her postdoctoral studies from the Rochester University, NY and Hoffmann LaRoche in Basel, Switzerland. She has published more than 30 papers and patents and has 27 years of experience in Chemical Development within the Pharmaceutical Industry always looking for opportunities to integrate the principles of green chemistry and engineering into the business of drug discovery and productions. She currently is a Director of Process Chemistry at Merck. She has served as a co-chair of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable for two years and is currently leading the Green Chemistry working group and co-chairing the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) leadership group at the International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in the Pharmaceutical Industry (IQ Consortium).


The pharmaceutical industry is expected to meet the needs of patients around the world at a cost they can afford while minimizing the environmental footprint. Merck is deeply committed to supporting the development of sustainable and environmentally benign processes for its commercialized products. We strive to develop synthetic processes according to the 12 principles of Green chemistry and engineering. Development of commercial processes that follow the Green by Design guidelines are encouraged and recognized by our senior management. The key to success in conserving resources and reducing costs is the ability to develop and leverage innovative science. Several examples from different programs in our pipeline, demonstrating Merck ’s commitment to sustainable and benign processes, will be discussed.

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