Irma Hulscher

Irma Hulscher

Academy for Permanent Makeup, Netherlands

Title: The many application possibilities for medical pigmentation


Since 1990, Irma Hulscher is a PMU-specialist and director of the Academy for PMU in The Netherlands. She is also founder of the NSGP (Dutch Foundation for Registered PMU specialists). She has written four books about permanent makeup, including her last book “Medical Pigmentation and the correction of defective PMU’’. She is regularly invited to participate in international judging and to give presentations in the field of permanent makeup.


Many application possibilities with regards to the treatment of various types of scars, vitiligo and alopecia areata will be presented. Techniques are discussed and examples shown. Medical pigmentation is the insertion of (diluted) pigments into the leather skin through various needle modules or by making the scar more flexible, for instance in the case of burns, through ‘scar relaxation’ or just by normalizing the melanocytes by a dark border around a depigmented scar.

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