St Joseph St Luc hospital, France

Title: Fat grafting to improve face lift rejuvination: a 15 years experience



Face lift is an essential element in face rejuvenation. Th ere are many face-lift techniques to correct ageing of the middle third of the face: deep facelift , composite facelift , SMAS plicature..These techniques are designed to restore a normal position to tissues which have migrated with time: skin, fat and fibromuscular planes. Th e aim of this study is to discuss the interest of fat grafting in face lift rejuvenation. Material and method: It’s a retrospective study of one hundred cases of facelift of Superficial Adipo Cutaneous System (SACS) with SMAS plicature. A lipostructure session was performed in the same surgical procedure. Fat was harvested from elsewhere in the body using a low pressure 10cc syringe lipoaspiration system. Fat was centrifugated, and injected into facial areas to improve face rejuvination. Comparative pictures were used to discuss results. Each complication was noticed: hematoma, infection, donor site. Aesthetic results were rated by patients and surgeons. Results: Mean age of population was 54 years. Mean body mass index was 22,3. Mean fat transfer was 49cc. Mean follow-up was 8 years (1 to 15). 81 patients were very satisfied, 17 patients were satisfied, and 2 patients didn’t notice any improvement. There were no complications on recipient site or donor site. Clinical cases are presented to illustrate postoperative results with this technique. Discussion and conclusion: Fat grafting improves face lift rejuvenation. Fat transfer is a safe and reliable technique. It provides both a dynamic filler and skin rejuvenation. Facelift of SACS with SMAS plicature is a safe and easy dissection. In our experience, fat grafting provides no complication any more. Facial lipostructure is an inseparable tool that improves really the correction of ageing of the middle third of the face.