J Rajesh is working as, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Mysore, India


Objective: Th e present study was carried out to probe the anti-inflammatory potential of SDG in immunomodulating and antinfl ammatory eff ect and the immune system’s response to an infl ammatory substance. Material: Adult male Wistar rats weighing 120-170 g were used throughout the study. Treatment: Th e animals were orally treated with 20, 40 and 80 mg/kg b.w of SDG. Methods: Th e thickness of the rat paw was measured using plethysmometer at 0-24 h. Th e tissue extracts and serums of animals were used for the analysis of NO, PGE2 and NGF using specifi c kits. One-way ANOVA followed by Student’s t-test were used to test the signifi cance levels. Results: SDG at 80 mg/kg b.w. for one day period before the carrageenan injections signifi cantly reduced (p<0.05) paw swelling (45.18%) and associated with decrease in NO levels in paw tissue and serum by 72.4 and 53.6%. other parameters like level of PGE2 was diminished by 39.21 and 32.56% and NGF levels by 43.1 and 46.1% respectively when compared with the control. Signifi cance: SDG may be useful to improve localized and systemic infl ammatory responses in a variety of human conditions and might provide useful phytomedical treatment against a variety of immunomodulatory eff ects and inflammatory disorders.

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