Jade Yang

Jade Yang

Purdue University Calumet, USA

Title: Using interactive multimedia to create game-based learning environments


Jade Yang is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Information Technology and Graphics department at Purdue University-Calumet. She received her PhD in computer science from Purdue University-West Lafayette and her BA in computer science from University of North Dakota. Her research interests are computer graphics, modeling and simulation, and robotics. She has been teaching and designing courses in interactive multimedia development at PUC since 2012.


Interactive multimedia such as computer games and simulations are not only entertaining and engaging, they also provide another approach to learning. In recent years, more computer games and simulations have been developed and used in education and training programs. From many reported instances, they have shown a great potential in helping people, especially the tech-savvy generation, to learn more effectively. Despite of the favorable responses, there are challenges such as how to create compelling game plots to support different types of learning, or how to integrate computer games into the traditional classroom teaching.