Jae Su Yu, Professor Jae Su Yu, Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea, Doctor Jae Su Yu, Jae Su Yu biography, scientific conferences, Optics-2013 conference


Recently, bioinspired nanostructures which resemble nature materials with hierarchical structures have attracted considerable attention because of their potential applications such as light-emitting diodes, photovoltaic devices, displays, and optical sensors. For example, sub wavelength grating structures inspired from the moth-eye corneas have a period smaller than the wavelength of incoming light, which leads to a superior anti reflective property. Three-dimensional (3D) hierarchical micro-/nanostructures engineered by integrating 1D nanostructure into 2D template allow the possibility for a multi-functions application. Additionally, these structures can modify the physical and optical properties. The hierarchical structures can be formed in a variety of shapes including flakes, flowers, urchins, etc. because the large surface area to volume ratio and the quantum size effect are very crucial for improving the efficiency of devices. The light scattering for enhanced photon absorption can be promoted by the hierarchical structures. In this talk, I present the fabrication and characteristics of bioinspired multi-functional nanostructures, with the aid of theoretical analysis. The surface-relief nanostructures were fabricated by various nano-patterning methods including thermal dewetting, laser interference lithography, and spin coating/dip coating of spheres for etch masks. Optical transmittance of substrate was also improved by introducing the subwavelength structures into its surface. These results may provide a deep insight into morphologies and optical properties of the hierarchical semiconductor nanostructures for optical and optoelectronic device applications.

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