Jamal Tashkandi Fanzca is Assistant Professor, Anaesthesia Consultant, College of Medicine, Umm Al Qura University, Makkah, KSA. He is Certified Instructor and Provider of ACCP Airway Management and Certified Examiner by the Royal College of Physician and Surgeon of Canada.


The anaesthetists are special clinical pharmacologists who aim to use drugs in a rational, safe, and effective way. Our aim is to give the "rightdose" to avoid under/over medications, i.e., the effective dose. Applying the principles of Pharmacokinetics (which explains what happens to a drug in the body) and Pharmacodynamics (which describes the actions produced by the drug on the body) will enable us to reach the effective dose.Understanding and the effects of the factors that might affect Dosing such as (drug metabolism, saturable metabolism, pharmacogenetics, liver disease, renal disease, elderly, pediatric, pregnancy) as well as some of the pharmacokinetic concepts (e.g., volume of distribution, Vd, clearance Cl and context-sensitive half-time) will enable the anaesthetist to change them from plane facts to applied knowledge. This will therefore enable him to avoid any unnecessary overdose that might cause short term and/or long term morbidities.

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