James L Sherley

James L. Sherley, The Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, LLC, USA

Title: Stem cell medical engineering


James Sherley graduated from Harvard College (1980) and completed joint MD/PhD degrees at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (1988). After Post-doctoral studies at Princeton University, beginning in 1991 he lead cancer cell molecular biology research at Fox Chase Cancer Center. In 1998, he began adult stem cell research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and in 2007 he continued at Boston Biomedical Research Institute. In 2013, he founded the Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, LLC, (ASCTC), which he currently directs.


Continually increasing knowledge of the detailed molecular workings of stem cells is inspiring an exciting vision for regenerative medicine in the 21st century. In particular, the unique ability of stem cells to self-renew and/or produce differentiated cells with tissue-specific functions promises to enable applications that range from drug evaluations, to in vitro organ and tissue engineering, to in vivo transplantation to repair or replace injured or diseased tissues. Achievement of this grand vision will require innovation in stem cell medical engineering. Although many of the problems requiring solutions are well known, others may lie beyond the current knowledge horizon. The planned symposium will bring together some of the pioneers in the growing field of stem cell medical engineering to discuss current successes, proposed solutions for known problems, and principles for anticipating future challenges.