Jamuna Neelamegan

Jamuna Neelamegan

Dr Jamuna s Natural Therapy Center, India

Title: Medicinal Aromatherapy


Dr. Jamuna Neelamegan has done her MD(MA) from open international university for complimentary medicine Srilanka. B.Sc., in applied botany (a study of medicinal botany); She has 10 yrs experience working experience in medicinal aromatherapy, presented papers in various universities ,attended more than twenty national & international conferences and submitted articles on medicinal aromatherapy in many publications journals etc. Designing natural therapy and drugless therapy technique for individual patients depending on body constitution and health status.conceiving, planning & implementing natural therapies (pharma) &drugless therapies projects. She has got 13yrs experience Practicing Natural Therapies, Acupuncture/cosmetic acupuncture/sonopuncture/ultrasound puncture, acupressure, aromatherapy /medicinal aromatherapy, Yoga, Diet Counseling, Herbal Remedies, Reflexology bach flower therapy ,colour therapy ,magnetic therapy hypnotherapy ,music chemic & homoeopathy, herbal medicine/ayurveda. b) Acupuncture in skin and Cosmetics: Slimming programme using high tech stimulator. Removal of pimples, Scar (Sonopuncture), height increasing, treatment for hair fall/ Alopecia.lip correction ,nose correction face uplift.. She has received many awards too.


Medicinal Aromatherapy :utilizes therapeutic grade essential oils to treat physical, emotional, and mental disorders. Essential oils are the pure natural elements derived from plant life. Essential oils can be used to bring the body into balance so that it can heal more quickly - often without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. While essential oils are effective on their own, they can also work in collaboration with conventional medicine. With the guidance of a certified Medicinal Aromatherapist, you can use essential oils to help build your immune system, think more clearly, breathe more deeply, improve digestion, heart and general health ailments. Essential oils can be used to treat specific conditions whiling improving your mood and calming your mind.
*helps relieve pain from chronic illnesses *dries up cold sores and shingles sores fast *heals wounds, burns and bruises quickly *relieves PMS and menopausal symptoms *relieves pain from endometriosis *soothes muscle aches and pains *clears yeast infections, ringworm and athletes foot *assists digestive disorders *eases depression and anxiety *calms nerves and promotes sleep * reduces headache/ migraine pain

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